Snow is a star he has been on TV channel 7, 9 and 10 in March of 2014   


Skiboots Snowbird   aka Snow


Snow is the biggest character and is doing very well as chief ambassador for the breed here in Victoria. Having been shown several times in the last few months.

He is leash trained and travels frequently in the car even as far as Adelaide  for the ACF National Cat Show and too the CCCofA National Show in Wallan . But he also goes to the park with the dogs and visits to family and friends.

He is very friendly and is happy to have attention from all he meets.

Snow will have a very adventurous life here.

Snow demonstrates how confident and friendly that the Snowshoe breed is. They are not a cat to be forgotten ,they crave company of human and other animals. They will be the most tremendous cat you could ever share your life with

snowbird with ribbons from CCCof A nationals in 2013
snowbird going for a climb
American judge with snowbird
snowbird with his leg around fuyuki
snowbird with nico
snowbird with socks
snowbirds ribbons at a show march 2014
snowbird with nico
snowbird having some time out from a show

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